The New Year

As the new year begins I am making plans to return to Malawi during the last two weeks of February and all of March.  I will soon be paying the second semester tuition for 2 daughters of the women in the Khama Sewing Center in Kasungu.  Khama came into existence a couple of months ago thanks to a small group in the UK who stepped up to help out.  The 9 women had been sewing for another large fair trade company for 7 years.  The owner moved her operation up to a town 2 hours away and hired a whole other group of women.  The women of Kasungu were left with only small orders and prospects did not look very good. A woman from the UK, who currently employs the women to sew hand bags for her shop, found a way to support the women while they transitioned.  The women are now in a much nicer location and I have committed myself to provide sustainable jobs for them.  The woman from the UK is working with them to set up a business model and find more work.  These women are excellent seamstresses and trying hard to make a better life for themselves and their children.  When I was in Kasungu in the summer, despite the situation they were in, the women still laughed and kidded one another along with Amos, their supervisor.  I had no idea what they were saying because they were all speaking in Chichewa, Malawi’s native language, but I found myself laughing right along with them.  This is what motivates me to make THREEafrica a successful business. [gallery ids="212,211,207"]